Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vintage Photo: 1981 Washington DC Vacation - Our Nation's Capitol

Looks like you can get a good work-out going to the Capitol Building
We drove out to Washington DC in the little brown Datsun.  We got to DC, Dad rolled down the window, and asked a passer-by "Where are we?"   The answer was "This is the Capitol Building."

Or that's how I remember it, anyway.

Mom said that we were on the side of the building that is NOT in all the shows and movies.  So it wasn't easily recognizable.  Okay.

This photo is my only proof that I've ever been to the Capitol Building.  I have zero recollection of it.  And I haven't been there on any of my other trips to DC.  Somehow I love DC, but have no desire to be in the place where the politics happen...  Am I the only one?

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