Monday, April 29, 2013

Vote for Rhy to win $1000 for her Bedroom Make-Over

Update:  While we didn't win the $1000, we did redo Rhy's room.  Check it out here!
The State Bank of Cross Plains (our bank) has a Pin It to Win It contest going on right now.  Voting opened today for you to vote on Facebook for the home improvement projects that should win $1000!  We entered Rhy's room and hope beyond hope that she might win!

You see, Rhy (sophomore this year) is in her second year of German language classes.  Back in November she applied for the school trip to Germany this summer:  3 weeks, and 2 of those are spent with a German family going to school!  She was selected as one of the 19 going on this trip - yeah!!!  The family she is staying with has a daughter Rhy's age who is studying English, and she will stay with us in the fall for a few weeks!

That means we need two separate sleeping areas in Rhy's room.  Here's what she has right now:

stuffed animals, beads hanging from her light fixture, a moon on the wall - eclectic, just like Rhy
She's long wanted a loft in her room - we do have 11 foot ceilings after all so it would work.  If she wins this contest, we should be able to give her the room of her dreams!  A loft bed, with stairs instead of a ladder, and a loveseat-sized sofa bed underneath.  Here's some inspiration:

still with stuffed animals, but a bit more sophisitacated, with storage, stairs, and a lofted bed - I am so sorry I don't know the origins of this photo....
So, if the spirit moves you, please log on to Facebook*, go to the State Bank of Cross Plains page, and vote for her room.  There are 5 pages of pictures, and the page Rhy's room is on will be ever-changing, because the pics are in order of most votes to least.  Just look for that picture up above with the quilt (made by Loretta) and the shelves.

In closing, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!

*I don't have a Facebook account, so I hope these links work!  And please, remember to vote 5 times per day EVERY DAY through May 19th!

FYI - looks like you CAN'T vote via moble device nor if you're under the age of 18 (sad face).


Plus, um, not that this should convince you or anything, but being able to redo Rhy's room would really give me some new things to write about on this blog...  *eyebrow waggle*

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