Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Happy Birthday Wish to my Best Cousin...

*I would just like to note that I had no idea "Best Cousin" has a definition until the Google told me.  So, if you found this based on a Google search, a.) eww, and b.) no.*

Do you have a Best Cousin?  A Best Cousin is short for Best Cousin Friend or Best Friend Cousin.  I'm not sure when, but I started calling my cousin Susana my Best Cousin long long ago.

Susana is about 11 months older than me, and she lived close enough that we got to play, hang out, have sleep overs often enough.  We were even pen pals for a while - you know the age, when you think getting mail addressed to you is just about the best thing ever?  And oh, man, did we play Barbies.  We played Barbies so hard...  We used Del Monte yogurt covered raisins as Barbie food, and now I'm so sick of yogurt covered raisins - I don't even like plain raisins anymore!

Well, yesterday I missed my Best Cousin's birthday.  *sadface*  I have a tenancy to catch that just a few days late - and I hate that my brain can't wrap around Susana's birthday.  So, mi prima, Happy Belated Birthday!  I hope it was one of much joy and happiness, or, if nothing else, a really nice meal with your family.

And, since I seem to be having problems figuring out the scanning this morning...  I give you a picture of multiple cousins...

Rebekah, me, Tina, Leah, & Susana - taken at Paul & Trinity's wedding reception in 2005
And a bonus little kid cousins picture...
me, Marcos Alan, Tina, Becky (who now goes by the grown-up Rebekah), & Susana
I love you chica!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Susana! :)

    I just LOVE that old picture! It looks like it was taken at our old house in Triumph c. 1981 (from the ages of each of you!) Such a sweet picture!

    Look! Susana is holding a cassette tape! LOL

    1. Yep, 1981, courtesy of Celeste's archives. Did you notice that Susana and I have the same haircut, which is just slightly longer than Marcos Alan's?

  2. Hi prima,

    Thanks for the blog posting, even if it was a wee bit late! I had a chance to go 'down memory lane' and even chuckled and smiled a few times along the way ;-)

    We had good times together - sleepovers, sleeping bags, playing Barbies and Mad Libs, watching "Smurfs" and "Saved by the Bell"! I also remember going to your house so your mom could perm my hair!

    Funny - I like yogurt-covered raisins!!
    Love ya lots xoxoxo

    1. And getting Marcos Alan to play Barbies by promising to pay cars was awesome. I think he's the only boy I ever played Barbies with.
      And I also fondly remember going to the pool, the store, that little carnival at the church where they had the cake walk...
      And our matching acid/color wash stretch denim capris! Oh, remember those! They were my favorite... And now that style is back in...

    2. YOU got a PERM??? Like you needed more curls in your hair, Susana! LOL :)