Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We saw two real polar bears in Alaska!

Why, yes, we did go to the Alaska Zoo!  How did you know?

We had some time to kill the day we picked up the rental vehicle in Anchorage.  We had Burger King for lunch (Jeff likes it and has it as a rare treat sometimes b/c there aren't any convenient to us.  Did you know that they have Bacon Sundaes?  Just sounds gross), and were trying to decide what else to do, when we remembered the zoo!

The Alaska Zoo was really very easy to find and it's interesting.  It's not huge and crowded, like the Brookfield Zoo.  It's smaller, and with few enough people that you can see what you want and won't get crowded out.  Like the Vilas Zoo.  I liked that.

Apparently back in the 40s or 50s there was a contest where you could win money or an elephant - because the people who did the contest figured "No one will want an elephant!"  Wrong.  The winner wanted the elephant!  An elephant was found, and a few years later, after acquiring some other animals, the Alaska Zoo was born!  Hmmm, maybe I should have taken a picture of the sign of that story so I could have told it better here...  Next time.

A lot of the animals at the Alaska Zoo are rescue or hurt animals, which is cool.  What else is cool is that the zoo is in a wooded area.  Lot's of hills and bridges and trees.
this is in the zoo - so pretty!
I really liked it.  Too bad my feet didn't want to work that day.  Darn you Mother Nature and your monthly gift!

So, yes, we did see polar bears!

And snow owl...

And snow leopard...
hi kitty mow!

And bear...
look at him eating his cantaloupe!
And so many pretty flowers...

do you see the stamen on this flower?!?!?!  So freaking awesome!

taken just after a light rain shower and the sun came out

So, to sum up, you should put the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage on your "must visit Alaska" list.  :-)

See the full itinerary here...

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We've since moved to Alaska!  Read about Our Alaska Life here...

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