Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Survey! What do you want to hear about next?

Pretty soon I'll be all done telling you about our Alaskan Honeymoon.  In order to keep regular on this ol' blog here, I figure I need to know from you what you want the next Blog Series to be about.

So, please, in the comments, vote for your favorite topic (and these will be largely photo-based)...

1.)  2010 vacation to Washington DC
2.)  Our Wedding!  (the professional photos)
3.)  Various sporting events - from little kids to touring Lambeau Field.
4.) *** your suggestions?

And anything else would take a bunch of time b/c the other cool subjects are either on photo paper or slide.  I just listed what I have as digital photos.

I am working on more decorating around the house, including craft-how-to's, and High School Football starts in about a month, and you know I'll be documenting Rhy's games for you.

So, to sum up, vote for your favorite next Blog Series topic by leaving a comment.  In fact, leave comments just for the heck of it.  I like to know who's out there.  Hi Loretta!

I leave you with this...

a boy and his friend...


  1. 5) All of the above! :)

    Your writing is interesting and fun, so I'm up for anything you want to write about! :)

    BTW, is that Trekker and Sophie in the pic? And where was it taken? That doesn't look like your mom & dad's place.

    1. Thanks Loretta!
      Yep, that's Trekker & Sophie, a couple of years ago after a cookout at Mom & Dad's. Trekker had taken Sophie the remains of some corn on the cob, and was watching her eat.
      AND, if you don't think that looks like Mom & Dad's place, then it's about time you came out for another visit! Mom's having a cookout again on Saturday night...