Saturday, August 4, 2012

Around the House - FAIL

Just like everyone else, I have been known to have plans go wrong, maybe once or twice.  This story is about such a time...

Back in the day when I sold Cookie Lee Jewelry, I had bought one of those clear plastic magazine holders for my display.  Once I no longer needed it for a business, I started using it for bills and such.  At that time, I lived along, had 3 bedrooms all to myself, and that magazine holder lived in the bedroom that I only used for bill-paying and pizza making (my sister's toaster oven lived in there since the kitchen is the smallest ever).

Now that I'm no longer a single lady but a wife and step-mom (!), the room with the bill-paying supplies gets used for hours each day.  And that magazine holder is always either in the way or getting knocked off.

Exhibit A:
pay no attention to how messy it all is...

Shall we see how I decided to fix it in this episode of Around the House?

I still had a bunch of magnets and my little thing of super glue after turning that Alaska ornament into a magnet, so I decided that was the solution!  The Magnet Solution!  I could then magnetize the magazine holder onto the side of the filing cabinet it had been sitting on!  Whoo hoo!  Great idea!

Here it is after being magnet-ed...

Now just to wait overnight for the glue to cure and stick it on its new home.  This is gonna be great!!!


I put the magazine holder on the top half of the side of the filing cabinet, and it slid down.  Well, I can't even say that it slid down because I grabbed it off before it could crash to the ground and break.

You see, that holder is really heavy.  It's not made of light flexible plastic, but of heavy rigid plastic.  Not something I thought of when I came up with the Magnet Solution.

So, until we can figure out another solution, or decide that the current state is good enough, that magazine holder is sitting on the floor, magnetized to the filing cabinet.  I guess it can't get knocked off anymore.

Any suggestions?

Any Around the House FAILS you'd like to share?  Put your story in the comments!

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