Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 for 1! Create-A-Craft and Around-The-House!

Welcome to a new segment on the old "And all the other stuff..." blog.


Hmmm, I'll work on that logo more for next time.

Anyway, remember how in my first entry I wanted to share some craft projects with you?  Well, here's the first!

I went to Alaska wanting to get some nice magnets.  Seems like that's what I've bought on vacations - you always have them displayed, they're useful, they don't cost much, and they don't take up much space in your suitcase - so I wanted to get some from our Alaskan Honeymoon.  The crazy part is, well, they didn't have a whole lot of ones that I liked.  Or that weren't cheapy.  What to do???

I had read a travel blog to check out the "Alaska" section at Wal*Mart - same souvenirs for a smaller price tag.  It was true!  And I found some nice ornaments.  And one of them was just the magnet that I had been looking for...  Luckily, it had a flat back.

How to turn a Christmas Ornament into a Refridgerator Magnet

Here's what you need:
  • Magnets
  • Super Glue (or your preferred strong-holding glue)
  • Ornament of your choice
First, you have to take off whatever the ornament hangs from.  This one had a little bitty screw hanger that I was able to use needle-nose pliers to take out.  So add "needle-nose pliers" to your ingredient list; they're also helpful for opening an O-ring or cutting off whatever.  

Next, figure out where you will place the magnets, and how many - you want to make sure it has a strong hold and won't fall off of your refrigerator, hitting your toe and making you cuss, because if the wrong people are around, that could be very embarrassing.

Next, use your glue - however the instructions tell you - on the magnet and then place glue-side-down on the ornament.  If you use too much glue, it will come out from between the ornament and the magnet.  For this reason, you may want to use a protective surface so you don't ruin your nice wooden table.  I chose the ever-popular Plastic Tote Lid.
photo credit goes to Rhy
Let the glue dry for the appropriate amount of time and viola
a really cute Alaska magnet!  Probably made in China...  Do you have any Christmas ornaments that you love so much you want to keep them out all year long?  Turn them into a magnet!  Then send me a picture!

I also have a wooden puffin key chain that I want to turn into a magnet, but it's rounded on all sides.  I'ma gonna need to get my hands on a sander or something to make that work.

(notice how I didn't try for cuteness there?  I'll spare you until I actually make a logo)

We have a small place for 3 people to live, which causes clutter to really pile up.  That and I'm really not so good at the housekeeping-type chores.  Really not big on cleaning at all.  But the living room always needs to be cleaned up, and darn it!  I'm proud that I actually did it!



Not a huge change, but noteworthy.  Notice how there is a "Before" and a "During" but no "After"?  That's because I'm not done.  We have pictures all framed and ready to go up on the wall.  I got 5 of them up, but have some more wall-decorating to do before the big reveal.  Stay tuned (in a few weeks probably) for the Final After reveal!


  1. Can you not just glue one of those small magnets to one part of the puffin?

    Do you remember...a hundred years ago...when I visited your family and you made a magnet for me out of those little pieces of plastic that you melted together? I should have realized then what a crafter you'd turn out to be! ;)

    1. Well, the puffin is rounded, and the magnet is flat, so I would hate to try it and then lose the puffin due to insufficient glueage. Dad probably has a sander, or a Dremel, so I'll see what I can do when we visit them.

      You know, those plastic things are popular again! Maybe Sera could make you a magnet out of them!