Monday, July 30, 2012

Our lovely dresser-top decor...

I have a few websites that I follow.  Daily.  I really like them.  Sometime I'll compile a list for you.  For today I just wanted to let you know about  They're an offshoot of, which I was too interested in when organizing our wedding.  I belonged to their social network.  I stalked the website so I could devour each new post as soon as it was there...  Ah, memories...

Anyway, one of the features on OffBeatHome is "Monday Moments".  According to Megan Finley, "Moments are little places of special cohesive design that make you feel happy. They can be specially decorated corners of your home, altars set up just so, a bathroom wall, or a neat combination of objects."  

And so now, I present to you, my moment...

I put together this little happy area a few months ago using only items we already had - mostly from wedding decorations.  My mom made the fabric runners for the tables, we had little H's around for our last name, I put a bird on it  (without knowing that was a thing) with some adorable birdie figurines, and I made organza flowers which we put into cylinders & vases that Tina & I covered in lace.  I bought that frame for super cheap when Borders was going out of business, and the rose was given to me by Jeff on our third date.  I need to research the possibility of preserving that - maybe dipping in lacquer?  Hanging on the wall are the LOVE hanging that I bought for wedding decor, the faith frame which was given to us by a couple from church, and a funky mirror that came in a set of 3 for $9 from Kirkland's many many moons ago.  I did all this one afternoon when Jeff & Rhy were out and about running errands.  

What's even better is that on Saturday my wonderful husband cleaned up all the crap that had accumulated there leaving behind this wonderful Moment.

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