Saturday, July 14, 2012

12-U Softball - Rylee hits a double

Today was the first time in a couple years that I watched my awesome niece play softball.  She'll be 13 (zoinks!) in October, and she's been playing sports for just ever.  She started playing baseball many moons ago, and after a year or two switched over to girls softball.  It was a great switch - she's a freaking natural.

The girls were in a tournament about an hour away from here, so I caught the first two games.  By the time the second game was half over, the steamy heat had set in, and I was glad the girls had a 3 hour break and it was time for me to get back in the cool air conditioning of my little car.  If nothing else, the Nissan Sentra really does of good job of heating and cooling.

Of course, like any good aunt, I had my camera with me...

The video of is Rylee's double.  The ball hit the fence in the outfield!

look closely and you can see the definition in her calf muscles...

My sister told me that they took third in the tourney.  Rylee pitched a great last game (she is such a great pitcher) and she caught a game as well - I'm pretty sure catching is her favorite.

Good job girls!

And, my favorite Rylee Playing Softball picture of all time...

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