Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When you take the train in Alaska, splurge on the Gold Star Package.

Jeff planned the honeymoon.  And it was pretty awesome that I didn't have to stress about it.  Especially since when I stressed about whether or not he liked his boutonniere for the wedding, Jeff didn't hide his laughter very well...  :-)

Luckily, Jeff took his job very seriously and planned an amazing honeymoon.  I really got the royal treatment.  For our train trip from Fairbanks to Anchorage, we were in the Gold Star cars.  It's a two level car where you sit up top, with a bubble top, and the dinning room is downstairs.  There is a large outdoor observation deck upstairs, and each car has its own bartender.  And it was closed to those who hadn't paid for the Gold Star Package.

I credit any good pictures we got on that trip to the outdoor observation deck.  I probably spent half of the 12-hour trip out there...

Jeff tried to tell me that this is our new house...  I don't think so!

It seems like you could be anywhere in the state and look around and say, "Oh, hey, look.  Mountains."

It was a very long trip.  And when we got to Anchorage we were ready to get to our room and relax.  We stayed at the Anchorage Grand - it's a short enough walk (uphill, though) from the train station so we never had to worry about a cab.  All the rooms are either efficiency apartments or 1-bedroom apartments.  For this stay (we stayed again later in the vacation) we had a HUGE efficiency with a king sized bed.  What's weird is that the room was very handicapped accessible, but the hotel itself isn't.  You walk in the front door and have to go either up or down stairs.  I give it 47 out of 53 Gold Stars.

Thanks for sticking with me so far.  We're only 9 days in to our 15 day trip so far on this blog.  I know posts have slowed down - I blame the Olympics.  Go USA!!!

See the full itinerary here...

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