Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vintage Photo: Washington DC Vacation 1981

Once again my sister pointed out how long it'd been since I'd blogged.  The room holding our computer is the coldest in the house, and every time I think about blogging, it's super cold in there!  Add on that the fact that the computer I like is getting more and more finicky, and the fact that I HATE the Mac, and, well, 3 weeks goes by...

But, here goes...

In December 1981 we went to DC (and the surrounding areas) for vacation.  It was my first of 4 (so far!) trips to DC.  I love it.  So much history!  I can't wait to visit again...

Looks like in this picture Mom & Dad had just about had enough of us and was sending us away...  sad...  I'm sporting the ever-popular red pants/red coat combo.  And Tina has (not kidding, either) a pretty cool plaid coat.  Not sure what happened, but we didn't actually get sent away, so perhaps it was just a tourist attraction...

Mom - Was this Jamestown?


  1. I miss you when you don't blog. I thought about emailing you to let you know that I noticed you haven't been blogging. But as a blogger who sometimes takes "breaks" herself, I know the "whys" of why we don't always blog as much as we would like to. :)

    Glad you and Tina DIDN'T get left on the boat that day! :)

    PS...get a little tiny space heater to put by the desk and turn it on when you want to blog and turn it off when you are done. :)

  2. Yes, Kristin, it was Jamestown. And Tina says go get that spaceheater !!!

  3. Or be like a particularly smart, intelligent, beautiful, ingenius (!) aunt of mine who decided a heating pad should also warm her lower back-side while sitting on her favorite chair!! LOL :-) Check out her blog...I tell you no lies <:{}

    Glad you came back to the blogging world after a hiatus.

    I need Mo to check out your DC pix...she's pumped about her 7th/8th grade DC trip later next month!!!

    ~Susana in Indy