Monday, March 24, 2014


*to be read in the voice of the late, great, Crocodile Hunter*

G'day mates!  Thanks for coming, we have a great blog for you today!

For today's blog, we go to the old Mailbag!  What's in here today?

Ah, we have a comment from Loretta!
Well, hey there Loretta, you're looking great today!

Isn't she gorgeous!?!

Oh, sorry, Chuck Norris, I didn't see you standing there....

Right, back to the Mailbag!  On yesterday's post, a lovely little thing about making two birthday cakes and homemade frosting, Loretta asks

What is this thing you call "home-made"???

Well, crikey Loretta!  I'm glad you asked!

You see, some people don't have a fulfilling hobby to fill their time, a hobby like crocodile hunting, or quilting.  Those people, for some unknown reason, spend their time using ingredients to make food that the rest of us just purchase at the store already made!

Now I know what you're thinking - Crikey, why would they do that?!?!

And it's a good question.  Problem is, I'm too busy hunting crocodiles to study these odd creatures long enough to find out.

Thank you Loretta for the question!  Everyone out there, be safe, and keep the questions coming!

See Ya Later, Mate!


  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! :)

  2. She is a witty, smart, sassy young lady, isn't she? Mom

  3. I TOTALLY heard that in the voice of the Croc Hunter!!!