Saturday, March 15, 2014

WTF Pinterest!?!?

I love to just scroll through "Everything" on Pinterest.  Starting this morning, it's not an option.  I've already emailed their support to ask WTF.  In the mean time, I'm stewing.  That's what I spend 80% of my time looking at, on my phone.

Anyone else have this change happen on their phone?


  1. What I hate is that now "Related Pins" keep showing up on my home page. I don't want to see things by random people. I contacted Pinterest and let them know I am quite upset by those. They keep showing up anyway. I think that Pinterest has gotten too big for it's britches, like Facebook, and don't care what we think.

    1. +Loretta ... And that is exactly why I like to do Pinterest on my phone instead of the computer. The "Related Pins" don't show up in my feed on my phone...

      I use Pinterest as my cookbook, and don't want to lose that! Plus, my blog gets a lot of clicks from there, so I don't want to hate it...