Tuesday, October 21, 2014

(pseudo) Pinterest Review: Hawaiian Meatballs

Last time we were in town, I bought a bag of frozen meatballs.  Because, you know, easy dinner.  That's a Plus.  The one and only time I ever tried to make meatballs was a total failure that ended up being a yummy ground beef dish (but not meatballs).

I started with this recipe that I found on Pinterest that called for mixing barbecue sauce with pineapple.  Well, a lot of times, that's all I need, an idea - a starting point.

So I grabbed out the barbecue sauce, a can of pineapple tidbits, the last small piece of green pepper we had, the partial onion from the fridge.  Threw all that together, onto the stove in a pan, and added the meatballs.  As I let it simmer, I checked the flavors and added some of the pineapple liquid to it.  I made rice with some green pepper, using chicken broth as the liquid.

Jeff loved it!  For myself, I would make some tweeks.  I would probably start with a tomato sauce base and get to Hawaiian barbecue from there.  Plus I would add in large chunks of pepper and onion, instead of the little bitty pieces I cut.  That way there would maybe be some crunch to the dish.  Plus, I don't think the rice was right.  Maybe it was the time where I really should have just used water to make the rice.

But even though it wasn't all that I had dreamed of (because I had been thinking about that recipe for a week or two), Jeff loved it and I will make it again, with the tweeks.

What's been on your menu lately?

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