Thursday, October 2, 2014

Roadtrip to Seattle - Day 4

Day 3:

We had so much to do on our final day of our trip!  Finally, a day where we didn't have to clear out of a hotel room and drive somewhere!

So, quick, when you think of Seattle, what do you think of?

1.)  Pike's Market!
2.)  The Space Needle!
3.)  The wharf!

Yes, correct!

We started out our day going to Pike's Market to find something for breakfast.  Now, I'm used to going early to farmer's market.  So I was surprised that getting there at 8AM there were still stalls setting up.

*note:  click on any picture to make it bigger...*

Tina especially loved all the flowers.  So many flower vendors, no way to take them home...

yep, fish.  nope, we didn't see any flying fish.

From there we had to run the ultimate errand of delivering the car for transport to Alaska.  Once that was over, we were back downtown!

We decided to go down to the wharf to find something to eat.  It's very touristy down there, and, unfortunately, also a lot of homeless people.  Sad.

We had an amazing view from lunch.

How could we NOT go on the wheel?  It really was amazing!  Slow enough to allow for looking around and taking photos.

a couple of professional sports stadiums....

a view of the Space Needle!
sister selfie!
So awesome!  We went around quite a while.  And as each enclosed car was being unloaded/loaded, we were able to get more pictures.  It got pretty warm in there, even though there was "air conditioning", and it looked like it was getting pretty steamy in the next car!  Those two must have been on a date...  Sorry, no pictures... it's not that kind of blog!

After some ice cream, we walked down to the ferry.  We took the Washington State Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island.

This is the ferry:

panoramic from the ferry terminal

yep, another panoramic

another sister selfie!  Oh, look, the Space Needle is photo-bombing us!  I didn't notice that before!

Mt. Rainer.  Do you see the airplane in front of it?
 Probably the best thing we did all day was to take that ferry ride.  It was great.  And way more economical than one of those "tours".

By this time it felt like we'd already had multiple days in one.

And we weren't done!

Next we were off to catch the monorail to the Space Needle!

Seattle has really good public transportation.  We used the light rail to get from our hotel by the airport to downtown.  Very handy.  But the light rail only goes so far.  And then you have to catch the monorail to the Space Needle.  I figure that the only reason the light rail ends where it does is so people take the monorail...

The Space Needle is really very impressive

There was a football game going on while we were there!
It was a very long, very fun day.  It really felt like 3 days in one, with all the stuff we did.  I wouldn't trade that day for anything!  Thanks for sharing that day with me, Tina!

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  1. No, thank YOU!!!
    Can you imagine being at a high school football at the bottom of the Space Needle?! Awesome!