Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vintage Photo (not) Friday: Christmas with a trike!

One year later and the tree looks so much the same.  There's that white horse ornament, front and center again!  We assume this is 1975 - any aunts have any idea if we're right?

I remember always having Christmas with Mom & Dad at home after Santa had been there overnight and then going to Grama & Grampa Betz's house.  They had an old farm house in the country, and we always knew were to find the toys.

I know that this is at Grama Betz's house because of the toys Tina's playing with.  I played with that doll and cradle when I was little too.
Let's take a look at Tina's incredibly awesome outfit a little closer.  Looks like she's wearing an apron.  At least she won't get her shirt dirty if her baby spits up!  And oh those pants!  Red and white plaid with some blue?!?!  That's some serious stuff right there.  And, um, I have to ask...  Did Tina have really big feet, or is she wearing someone else's shoes?  I can't tell what's going on there...  but her foot looks as long as her leg!

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