Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vintage Photo (not) Friday: Kristin's first Christmas

I love this picture.  I mean, geez, it's me as a baby, and I was adorable!  Tina and I are obviously paying attention to two different things.  I was looking at something/someone fun and interesting!  Tina looks like she's watching Fox News or something else equally boring...

This is 1977, after Tina'd had 2 Christmases at school, so there are more and different ornaments on the tree.  But there's that same white garland.  Gotta love it.

Okay, discussion time.  Which grama do I look like?


  1. thank you! very much enjoyed! Tina

  2. Okay...first of all...I thought your commentary about what you and Tina were looking at cracked me up BIG TIME!
    Secondly, I think you look like Grandma Schrock in this photo!

  3. I'm so glad you came back into Blogger world!! was boring without you, and your posting from Dec 2 was well, OLD NEWS!!

    Kudos to Tina for giving you that "push" you needed!!

    I need to look into our old photo albums to see what other pix we have from our "good 'ol days"! LOL

    Luv ya,
    Susana in Indy