Sunday, January 13, 2013

How I Pinterested a Glittery Sweet Sixteen Party.

Ask Rhy what her favorite color is and she'll answer "Glitter."

But glitter isn't a color.

Yes it is, she'll say.  Don't even try to convince her otherwise, because it won't happen.

I think it's cute.

So for her 16th Birthday Party, I had to include some glitter.  It wasn't over the top; there were no glitter-encrusted hand-made invitations (I think she used Facebook to invite her friends).  It was just a couple of touches at her small party in our small condo.

A few months ago I had seen a pin where someone "fancied-up" those number candles.  I most definitely pinned it because I knew that would be perfect for Rhy!

Here's how:

I bought the candles at the store, but everything else was on-hand.  I ended up painting the candles with silver paint because I was worried the colors would show through.  I then used the glitter glue in the blues/pinks/purples and stuck the purple sparklies in the shape of the numbers.  Looked great.  It was a little gloopy, but that was okay.  I had no idea that glitter glue would shrink so much when it dried...

I loved the end result:

Rhy LOVED them!  And we saved them for Nate's 16th birthday, okay Tina?

This past summer I had purchased a cupcake cookbook - just one of those small books at the check out counter - because it had tie-died frosting on the front.  It was really easy to do, just put spoonfuls of each color into your piping bag.  Easy enough.  And then I found this awesome pin about using plastic wrap to keep your piping bag clean.  So I put those two ideas together.  I put spoonfuls of the different colors of icing in a row on my plastic wrap.  I should have either used less icing or more plastic wrap though, because the icing did get out of the plastic wrap.  You can see the top border in the photo above has all the colors mixed together.  I think it looked great.

All over Pinterest there are cakes decorated using the petal technique.  I think it's so pretty, and I wanted to try it for myself.  So I took that icing as explained above, and decorated Rhy's cake like this:

The first color was blue.  then the pink, and then a green.  The blue was solid blue, the pink had just a touch of blue, but by the time the green came around, it was really getting all mixed together.  We liked it.  It's just hard to know how to finish the cake.  Cause you have your starting point, and you can't do the final line the way you did the first line.  Hmmm.

Michael's has this glitter wrapping paper that I had seen a few months ago, and I thought it would be perfect as a "tablecloth" for her birthday treats table (which included a huge bowl-full of Sour Patch Kids, animal crackers & Nutella, and cheesey poofs).  I now think that wrapping paper is the way to go for party tablecloths because you can just fold it up and throw it away at the end, instead of worrying about if those grease stains will come out of your heirloom tablecloth.

The end result?  I think it was great.  I hope the kids had as good of a time at the party as I had making it all...


  1. It looks like everything came together perfectly!

  2. Thanks for the thought, but I'm pretty sure Nate will want Rhyanne to keep the candles... for posterity... I love the cake! It is sooooo cute. I wish I could have been at the party!