Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vintage Photo: A Wedding in 1979

This is from my Uncle Jack & Aunt Celeste's wedding.  One of those, "Okay, everyone from the groom's family" photos.  You have to love this gem.

First of all, the groom is wearing a suit.  Makes so much sense because, really, why pay to wear an outfit so many other guys have worn on an extremely important day in your life?  Plus, my husband wore a suit to our wedding, so I'm a fan.

The bride has a great full veil which looks great with her hair down.  Very pretty.  And she still is.  :-)

What I really liked when I first saw this picture is that my sister, cousin, and me, we're all wearing dresses made from the same material.  This is from back in the day when my mom sewed.  And even though the three dresses are all the same material, they're all different styles.  Nice!


  1. Wow!
    Where do I even start???
    First off...I've NEVER seen Mom in a long dress! Or Sharon, either, other than her wedding dress!
    Everyone looks so YOUNG.

    Unfortunately, this was one of the weddings I was not able to attend due to the "long distance to travel" and the "poor, starving college student" thing.

  2. This pic is such a 'blast from the past' in so many regards!! OMG! I can't still believe you posted it <:O (I don't know whether to mention to my mom what you posted!?)

    I think I still have that little dress that I wore in that pic...somewhere in my room, if I were to rummage thru....LOL!!

    ~(Your cousin) Susana