Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deja Vue and Dreaming the Future

Yesterday was a 7PM retirement party at work.  I am the chick who plans and executes parties.  So I was there.

There were some people from work (the breakroom was full), plus the retiree's family (her children plus her son-in-law have all worked there, so kind of a reunion of sorts).   Her grandchildren are her life so it was great to have them there with her.  It was nice.

At one point I decided that the ice cream cake was making too much of a mess, so I moved it onto a disposable table cloth and got out the Clorox Wipes to clean that table.  Then it happened.

I was cleaning at work and a baby cried.  I dreamed that about 3 weeks ago.

And it freaked me out.

I stopped dead in my tracks, and an employee asked what's wrong.  I told him and he said "That's what you get for being born on the cusp."  He and I share a birthday, so he knows that our birthday is where Cancer and Leo collide.

Does this ever happen to you?  I mean, is it normal to say, "wow, that was a weird dream because if there's a baby at work, I'm either holding it or talking to the parent, not cleaning" and then 3 weeks later, BAM!, the dream is now real life.

The other thing that happens way too often is Deja Vue.  I have no idea how to spell that or how to add an accent onto the correct letter, but what I'm talking about is feeling like you've experienced something before.  It happens way too often to me.  And when it happens, I try to do something to make it stop, but it just continues!  Seriously!  Come on!  Just quit it already!

So, tell me, does this happen to you?  Do you have a birthday "on the cusp" between two signs?  Is this something that's just going to keep happening throughout my life that I'm going to have to get used to?

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  1. Welcome to the life of a Cusp Baby! Both Dad (Andy, lol) and I are on the cusp of Aquarius. I'm on the front end in January and he's on the back end in February. And YES! Deja Vu and weird dreams happen ALL the frickin time to me! And I remember a lot of them for years afterwards, too. And sometimes, I can't tell if what I'm experiencing is from Deja Vu or a dream that I had. Cause a lot of times, my dreams seem ssssoooo lifelike that I have a really hard time figuring out what was real and what wasn't once I wake up. So when I experience something that I dreamed about, it has that Deja Vu feeling cause at that moment I usually can't remember where I've seen/heard/felt/experienced it before. Then, after the fact, I usually realize that it was from a dream. But yea, it happens to me all the time. I can't say the same for Dad cause, according to him, he doesn't dream. So not sure how the Deja Vu thing is for him. LOL