Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Color Swirled Birthday Cake!

I saw this pin on Pinterest (where else do I see things?) and thought that would be fun for Rhyanne's birthday cake/cupcakes!  (Yes, I'm delinquent in writing this blog post...)

So, what you do is make white cake mix, fill your cupcakes or cake tin, and use a toothpick to swirl:

finished product

I learned that when you bake them, the color all goes to the middle, and down.  So you end up with a lot of color in the center only.  Also, I need to put more batter in the cupcake papers, and make sure they bake fully...  Rhyanne *always* fills the cupcake papers nearly full and it makes for really nice big rounded-tops on her cupcakes.  She only gets about a dozen from a box mix, but they're yummy!

How do you dress up your white cake mix?

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  1. Love the design on the cake! How did it turn out?