Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's treats & a Pinterest Review: Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Hi!  Did you have a good Valentine's Day / middle of February / Friday?  I hope you did.

Jeff & I went to the VFW for dinner; they were having a special dinner, including shrimp, lobster, & steak.  If you know me well enough, you know that I eat none of those things.  I had chicken strips.  :-)

Jeff's two-lobster tail dinner, complete with a (plastic) glass of champagne! 
I was very spoiled; Jeff brought gummy bears home for me!


Sunday was our turn to bring treats for Fellowship after church.  I decided I wanted to really bring it, so I went all out.  I made mini-cupcakes (Tina got me the tin for Christmas - thank you!), chocolate covered pretzels, a few chocolate dipped marshmallows, and brought carrots and chocolate covered cherries.  This was our table last Saturday during the madness:

I used the Wilton cake decorating kit that we have and filled two plastic piping bags with icing:  first white, then light pink, then a darker color (one had darker pink and the other had a purple).  The results:

icing colors co-mingle as you go along...

There's a pretty 3-tier silver server at church that I have never seen used in the last 4+ years.  So I had Jeff pull it down, I cleaned it up, and stocked the trays.

I had pinned this Chocolate Covered Pretzel idea to my "Other Holidays" Pinterest board a while ago.  I was excited to use this pinspiration while making treats...

uh, flash, really, the pretzels were not actually that color...
I placed them on parchment paper while they dried, and the next morning, put them in a nice, white, casserole dish that Barb had given me for Christmas a year ago (I love to use those Christmas presents!).

much better photo!
I used flat pretzels, but man, are they hard to find at the store!  I spent 5 minutes looking!  I did learn that if you want your colored sugar to really pop, you should use white chocolate.  But they were tasty, and people kept coming back for more.  I love when people go through the line again to get seconds of my treats.  Amazingly enough, we had carrots left over.  Go figure...

I hope you were able to spend Valentine's Day with someone you love!

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  1. Everything looks so YUMMY! I prob. would have eaten the carrots, though, since I'm gluten-free! :)