Thursday, February 20, 2014

The new "Cooking" tab


So, food is a big part of life, right?  And it's been a big part of this blog.  I was inspired by some other blogs that I read to create a separate tab here to keep all of the cooking posts together.

So if you click on that little tab up there, the one that says Cooking, you'll get a list of all the recipes that I've shared and that I've reviewed.

I actually refer back to recipes through my blog quite often when I'm cooking - it's easier for me than to go back to the original place where I found the recipe.  It's also where I've put notes to myself (like, use less noodles, or add seasoning) plus I can see your comments/suggestions too.  I like to have that when I'm making a recipe again.

And while we are on the subject of cooking, if there is a recipe you would like me to review or add, or a Pin that you've been wondering about, suggest it. 


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