Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photography Challenge Day 25: Something Pink

Since I obviously have an inability to stick with stuff, I never finished the 30-Day Photography Challenge.


Because I was stuck.  Stuck on categories that I don't have a good photo for.

So I decided to jump to day 25:

That's me with Grama.  Something pink - the towel of course!  When I was (very) little, we lived on the same property as Grama.  She must have come over when I was having a bath.

I remember that couch - which we had until I was probably about 11 or 12.  When I was a freshman in college my roommate and I went to Salvation Army to buy a couch for our dorm room and we bought this couch's twin!  We sold it at the end of the year for the same price we paid for it - good deal!

And I remember that towel.  Heck, Mom might still have that towel.  It was probably one that they received as a wedding gift - and there are so many wedding gifts that they still have/use.  At what point in time do you get to have an  Anniversary Shower and get new household items as gifts?  Cuz when you've been using the same pots/pans/baking dishes for 44 years, you just need new things...


  1. OMG...I LOVED opening your blog and seeing pic of Mom and you! Reminds me of the pic I have of her holding Paul! :) I miss her!

  2. This has always been one of my favorite pics. I LOVE that very smiley face!!! Both of them, in fact, because you can totally tell the Grandma is smiling behind your head!