Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Photography Challenge Day 29: Black & White

2010, Iwo Jima Memorial

In early 2010, Jeff & I decided to take Kiaj & Rhyanne to Washington DC.  I knew I needed to get a new camera - the last time I'd bought a camera was in 1997 when Nathan was born and it just wasn't taking good pictures anymore.

And boy, did I go overboard with the pictures!  Whoo, I took more than 400 pictures that week.

The Iwo Jima Memorial was our last stop on the way outside of town.  I was actually the only person who got out of the truck!  And I played with the functions on my new camera, which has settings for black & white, sepia, and blue tones.

NOW I really want to get a DSLR.  That, my friends, will take some careful research, and monetary planning!  However, when we were in Alaska last month, I lost my camera (a story for another time, my friend).  So, I wonder, how long do I hold off on that new camera?

Does anyone have a digital camera that they just love?  Any suggestions?

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