Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Update - not much to update on around here, so I spent the weekend in Illinois!

Jeff is in his second week of the new job.  It's such a different type of company (size wise, the exact opposite!) so he's working on getting used to the differences.  Luckily, he knows what he's doing, so it's not like he has to learn how to perform the functions of his job.
I think it's going well.  I hope it's going well.  It's hard to know how things really are from so far away.  All I can do is send positive thoughts over the 3200 miles.

Me, on the other hand...  work is work.  I've been busy writing instructions for job duties, which unfortunately puts me behind on finishing said duties.  (Hee hee "doody" )

At home I've gotten used to sleeping on an air mattress.   I sleep fine, but don't get fully rested.  Sleeping on a real bed at Mom & Dad's house was a treat!  I woke up feeling like I had really slept - it was wonderful!

I keep removing things from the house and only bring in groceries and mail, which I consider to be an accomplishment.  I have been lucky to sell a few things, with more to sell.  Some is being sold at secondhand stores, some taken to a consignment store, a bunch on garage sale.  I'll put some things on Craigslist,  and some on ebay.

So even though I am here all by myself, I have been keeping busy.

I took Friday off and went to Illinois.  Rylee was having an 8th grade graduation party!

delicious softball cake!  so moist!

the (8th grade) graduate!  I think she enjoyed her party.
Now, back to being busy removing even more stuff from the condo...

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