Friday, August 1, 2014

Vilas Zoo

Back in June (sorry, I've been kinda too busy to be prompt at blog posts), Tina & the boys came up for a weekend.  The three shortest of us went to the zoo!

Tina is a big fan of the Vilas Zoo because not only is it free, it's a 3-hour zoo!  Meaning you can totally get through the zoo in 3 hours, even with looking at all the exhibits.

Trekker has many pictures with this tortoise over the years.

When we walked back past those (alligator or crocodile?  I don't know) later, they were still in the same positions...

Sad to say, I think this buffalo was sniffing his own number one...

We really liked these guys, so cute standing up!

and babies too!

Trekker played at the playground for a bit

And then we saw the giraffes.  Last time I took a picture of Tina in front of giraffes, she was pregnant with Trekker!

The aviary was very hot, humid, and smelly.  We did not stay around for very long.

This summer the zoo is hosting a special dinosaur exhibit.  I can't remember which of the boys it was who said, many moons ago, that they would like to go and see real dinosaurs.  I asked "Like in a zoo?"  "Yes." Fun times with naive little kids...

This lion statue is near the entrance of the park.  Just like the tortoise, there have been many pictures taken with this guy over the years.

We were done with the zoo in less than 3 hours.  Just in time for lunch!

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  1. He is getting sooooo tall!!!