Saturday, August 16, 2014

My last visit to the Farmers' Market on the Square

Time is counting down until I'm outta here...  I knew that I was working a bit today, so I thought I would go to the Farmers' Market first.  The Farmers' Market is held on Saturday mornings on the Capital Square.  It's the largest producer-only farmer's market int he US.  All items are produced locally by the vendor behind the table.  It's nice to know that you aren't going to see a huge corporation with a table set up.

this is actually a photo.  a photo that was heavily edited, but a photo nonetheless.
Madison, Wisconsin capital building
I hadn't been to the Farmers' Market since before the whole Recall Scott Walker thing happened.  That whole situation really ruined the capital for me.  Why do you think you need to hang out up there and sing?  It's not doing any good, and you're just annoying people who would have a neutral opinion about it in the first place.


So it had been a really long time since I'd had hot 'n spicy cheese bread from Stella's.

So off I went.  Left the house around 7AM, which is a little late since I like to be there before the huge crowds, but I went nonetheless.

First stop:  hot 'n spicy cheese bread.  Straight from the oven.  So good...  so much cheesy goodness...

hot peppers.  I never would have known if there wasn't a sign on them.

Next stop:  cream cheese croissant from "the far corner".  I don't know what the bakery is, but I always park in the same parking ramp, and I get the same croissant from the same vendor, once I'm halfway around the square.

While I was sitting on the bench eating my croissant I heard "What are you doing here?"  I looked up and saw one of the girls that I went to high school with (2 hours south of Madison), and worked with one summer at the campground where Nate now works.  Holy cats, imagine seeing someone who lives that far away at a fairly well populated event!  Crazy.

Then:  Jam.  Jam from The Summer Kitchen.  I am not regularly a jam/jelly kind of girl.  But oh my gosh hand me a spoon because this stuff is amazing!  I bought Maiden Blush (ingredients:  Macintosh Apples, Strawberries, sugar, natural pectin, no additives, no preservatives).  I put it on my hot 'n spicy cheese bread for lunch and it was delicious!

After Jam was cheese curds.  Always good, but not as good as the curds at Cheesers.  I think buying cheese curds at the Farmers' Market is just me on auto-pilot.  I ate some while at work, then gave the guys who were on lunch when I left the rest of the bag.

My final purchase was plums from Door Creek.  These little bitty plums.  So small and cute.  About the size of a large cherry tomato.  And yummy too!

All in all, I was there for about 30 minutes.  It was good to go one last time.  Now I'm ready to see what the Wednesday Farmers' & Craft Market is like in Glennallen next summer...

And FYI - all those photos are from my phone.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself...

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