Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting lost near home

I was headed home today when I saw that there was a major backup on the interstate.  I am NOT the kind of person who sits patiently in traffic, so I took a quick right to the exit ramp to go home the long way.

Once on the long way, I saw a sign for the park that is just North of town, so I thought maybe it would be a good short-cut.

That was the first step in what ended up being an extra 20 minutes on the road.

First of all, I had forgotten that there were such hills and twisty-turns in Dane County.  I really don't get outside of my commute route or Madison that much.

Second of all, sometimes you think, "I won't get lost because I'll hit a road that I know soon enough" is not necessarily true, what with all of the aforementioned twisty-turns.  When I thought "I've seen that already" I knew it was time to turn the other way and try again...

Third of all, had I been the passenger, I would have been taking photos.  It really what very pretty.  You forget that "the country" really is very close when you only ever see if from the interstate.  Of course, had I been the passenger, I probably would have had my phone out looking for the way home.  I think driving around trying to find the way home was better.

All in all, what could have been a very exasperating experience (like I said, not patient in traffic), ended up being a nice one.

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