Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oh Sugar!

So I had decided that I need to lay off the sugar*.  I really was eating a ton of it, sweets everyday, often multiple times a day.  On Sunday I decided sugar one day a week is reasonable.  After all, there are other sweet foods that are out there for reasons other than being sugar.  So if I want something sweet, then, granola bar or oatmeal or fruit or something.

I was doing really good.  I even put the fruity tootsie rolls that I had in my office over into Lois's so that they wouldn't temp me (that was after picking one up twice and then putting it back - it really was all about the fact that it was there and it was habit to pick one up as I walked passed).

Yesterday I was kind of having one of those I-don't-want-to-be-in-a-bad-mood-but-Mother-Nature-is-on-her-way-for-a-visit-and-I'm-none-too-thrilled days, and I bought one of those peanut butter rice crispy treats with the chocolate on top out of the vending machine.  Those things are awesome.  And full of sugar for the sole purpose of being full of sugar.

And you know what?

  1. It's kinda yucky, cloyingly sweet.
  2. I would put it down after a bite and let it sit.  I used to eat those like it's my job.  Bite after bite after bite till it's gone.  But yesterday I almost forgot about it.
  3. Maybe I had gone enough days without the sugar that I was getting used to it.  But did I just ruin it by eating that?
  4. Oh, and I threw away half because it really wasn't that great.  And because I almost forgot about it within a minute of a bite.  Sugar not memorable?  Don't eat it.

Today I make food to take to church on Sunday.  I'm going to make lemon cake bars with cream cheese "filling"**, rice crispy treats, and some sort of fruit or veggie.  Usually when I make stuff to take to church, a lot of it goes through Quality Control (aka my pie hole).  Hopefully tomorrow I can remember Control and not need to check the Quality on so much of it.

*And by sugar I mean anything that exists for the sole purpose of being sugar.  Ice cream, candy, cakes, cookies, etc.  I know that other food, like a lot of granola bars, have a bunch of sugar in them, but my granola bars also have a serving of almonds in them, so there's the protein.

**And by "filling" I mean that I'm going to plop some onto the cake mix and bake it.  It was very yummy when we did that with the Orange Creamcicle cake mix...

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