Thursday, October 24, 2013

A household of four - our GAPPie is here!

The program that Rhyanne was in for her trip to Germany this summer (German American Partnership Program, or GAPP) was truly an exchange program.  The girl that she stayed with for most of her stay is now in America, staying with us.  The girls are staying very busy with scheduled events and just hanging out with other GAPPies.

Welcome Anna!  These girls get along so well, so much laughter comes from their room! 
The whole group, with tall people in front of our short girls.
Anna brought us pizza from Germany...
Gummie Pizza!  The peppers were so hot I had to spit it out!
She also brought amazing chocolate and marzipan, my favorite.  She started to explain what marzipan is, to which I responded, "Oh, I know marzipan.  It's my favorite."  I was a very happy girl.

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