Monday, June 30, 2014

Photography Challenge Day 23: Patterns

I've taken a few photos over the years of what I would call "patterns", or backgrounds for photobook or scrapbook pages.

Can you guess what they are?









A.)  Evergreen after an ice storm, at Mom & Dad's house, 2009.
B.)  Cave bacon - it's a geological feature in Cave of the Mounds, which I visited with Rylee in 2010.
C.)  A column and the ceiling of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, which I visited with Jeff, Kiaj, & Rhyanne in 2010.  I stood very near that column and pointed straight up.
D.)  An air vent cover at the National Art Museum, Washington DC, also 2010.
E.)  A stone wall, also in DC, also 2010.
F.)  A rock near the shore in Whittier, Alaska, one of our stops on our Alaskan Honeymoon in 2012.
G.)  Trying to photograph water at the Anchorage Zoo, Alaska, 2012.
H.)  Birch tree, also at the Anchorage Zoo, 2012.

Out of all these photos, I think only one or two made their way into photo albums...

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