Thursday, September 25, 2014

a new blog: Life in the (907)

Hi everyone!

I decided shortly after we got back from Alaska in June that I would get a new blog name and address so that it could be easier to find by my non-relatives.  :-)

Reason:  I have been searching for and devouring all kinds of blogs written by Alaskans for a couple years now.  They're just not that easy to find, and I wanted mine to be.

For now I'm going to keep up this blog too (need to connect my computer to the internet so I can blog out road trip west, for example), so please read both for all the info!  If I ever get to the point where I only post to one of the blogs, I will make that apparent.

In the mean time, my new blog is called

You see, 907 is the area code for all of Alaska.  And since I married the phone guy, it just seemed right.

I've already put 4 posts over there, so go and check them out.
How our move to Alaska came to be
Anchorage to Glennallen - the drive to my new home
an organized pantry!  (see what I've been up to up here)
my first Alaskan earthquake!  (yep, we had one this morning!)

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