Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What I've been up to...

Sorry I haven't been in the blogging world for a while now.  Things have been a bit, oh, hectic lately...  You know, sending my husband on a 3200 mile road trip with all of our stuff, selling a condo and a car, quitting my job of 13 1/2 years, and then road-tripping 2400 miles in order to get on a plane, and what-not.

I don't have things all set in place at this time, so please enjoy these few words with multiple photos...

My life the past couple of weeks:

  • Wed. Sept 10 - my last day of work

  • Fri. Sept 11 - closed the sale of the condo at 9AM; drove to Illinois (side note, leave more than a day to finish up unloading your house before a sale, no matter how empty you think it is...)

  • Tues. Sept 16 - Tina and I left on our road trip.  Made it to Keystone, the town outside of Mt. Rushmore.

  • Wed.  Sept 17 - Saw Mt. Rushmore!  Drove on to Butte, MT ("I touched the butt!")

  • Thurs. Sept 18 - drove the rest of the way to Seattle.

  • Fri.  Sept 19 - delivered the Subaru to the transit company that will transport the car up to Alaska.  Had the best day ever being a tourist in Seattle!

  • Sat.  Sept 20 - sent Tina on a flight home; saw Jeff for the first time since July 10; flew up to Anchorage on the same flight as him*.

  • Sun.  Sept 21 - did some shopping, which was hard since I didn't know what Jeff did and did not have in the kitchen.  Finally stepped foot into the house that we live in.

  • Mon.  Sept 22 - started my new career as a house-wife.  The commute is wonderful!

*Jeff spent the week of Sept 15-19 in Boca Raton FL at training.  It was lucky that he was in training the week that Tina and I were traveling, and were able to meet up in Seattle to fly to Alaska together!

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  1. It was such an awesome and fun trip! I'm so glad I got to share that with you! I know you're planning to be home off an on for things, but I'm still sad that you're so far away, not just a quick 2-hour trip to see my sister anymore... LOVE YOU!!!!!