Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are you ready for some football?

Rhy is playing football this year.  She played in 8th grade at her school in Iowa, was the Freshman Manager up here last year, and decided she'd rather play than manage this year.

Unfortunately she rolled her ankle in practice about a week before the first game, so she was out for the first three games, in her jersey but not dressed for the games.  Thursday she was finally able to dress for the game!

Rhy is #53
The game was against Monona Grove, a bigger school, and they proved to be tough opponents.  The game was already in the 2nd quarter when we arrived (after finding a flat tire and dealing with all that), but the Vikings were already ahead!

The Vikings led the entire game, but it was close, and the other team could have quickly gotten points to tie or win the game.  In fact, the very last play on the clock was a couple of Vikings tackling their ball carrier when he was within 5 yards of a touchdown!  Man, was it a close one!

Final score:  8-0

It was such a tough game, they only played first string.  Finger crossed that next week she'll get some playing time!

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