Saturday, September 22, 2012


Tonight is the Homecoming Dance.  Rhy's been so busy this week, with Volleyball Wars, football practice, the game, the bake sale & tailgate party.  I've been exhausted just hearing what all she's been busy with this week!

She's with a group of friends for the game, and this year we got the call to come over and take pictures.  Yeay!  I remember those days, posing in front of the fireplace for pictures (or wherever in your house you always took pictures...).  I finally got my chance to take those pictures.

As always, she looked beautiful.  Her friends and their parents were really nice too.  The kids all seemed to be having fun with the pictures.

The theme for this year's Homecoming is "Mardi Gras:  Take off your Mask and Party".  Check out Rhy's headband...  Always fitting the theme...

Stay tuned for tomorrow - find out how we made the mardi gras mask headband!

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