Friday, September 21, 2012

Rhy - Defensive Tackle!

Last night we traveled to DeForest (you know, what you go through when to Grandmother's house you go...) for a football game.  It really wasn't too cold, but it was just breezy enough that I was chilly.  Perhaps I should have worn more than a tank top and Packer's sweatshirt?  Hm.  I'll consider dressing more appropriately next time.

Unfortunately, we did not win.  It's hard to win a football game when you're playing against the other team and the refs.


Rhy made her High School Football debut!  Yeay Rhy!

She was named one of the captains this week, and she played the end of the game!  Last week they only played the starters, so I'm very excited that they put her in this week.  I think that her normal position is offensive lineman (Jeff - correct me if I'm wrong here), but she played Defensive Tackle.  Yeay!

When they put her in the other parents around us were like "They're putting her in!  Rhy's going in!"  So I jumped up and went to take pictures!  It was kinda hard under the lights to really keep everything straight, but here she is...

do you see the other team's female player to the far left with the ball?  apparently she's a junior playing down.

Go Vikings!  And keep kicking butt Rhy!

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