Sunday, September 23, 2012

Create-A-Craft: A Headband for Homecoming

Did you see the pictures of Rhy all dressed up for the Homecoming Dance?  Didn't she look great?  And how about that pink with black lace mardi gras mask headband that matched her dress?  Didja see it?  huh?  huh?

Well, I assume you did, otherwise why would you be here for...

...create-a-craft:  a headband for homecoming!

We bought quite a few supplies:
And, yes, we did use all those items!  Spray glitter, glow-in-the-dark paint, pink paint, silver metallic paint, mod podge, black lace, the mask, paint brushes, and a feather accent.  And, yes, we did bring her dress into the store to try to match colors.

First was figuring out a mix of paints for the mask.  We tried to mix the silver metallic paint with the pink, but that just turned it purple (but metallic, which was cool!).  In the end, we used straight pink paint...
...which we then covered in the glow-in-the-dark paint (which really lightened the color - sad) and spray glitter.
And we stopped for a snack.   Mmm, apples....

What's next?  Well, to cover the mask in black lace, of course!  For this we used
parchment paper - yes, from the kitchen - as a base to protect the table as we

paint the mod podge onto the lace.  That stuff can make a mess.

Here's a bit of advice:  This is when you want to take the time to try to really glue the edges down to the mask.  Rhy's mask had rounded or beveled edges.  I thought I would more easily be able to glue those down once I cut off the excess lace
stupid night-time photography and its bad quality!
but the lace was so stiff from the glue that was already on it, it just wasn't cooperating.  It's not too noticeable  especially since it's for her hair, not her face, but still.  Hindsight and all.

We had 2 black headbands that we could chose from - nice to use what we already have! - so I selected the narrower of the two to attach the mask.
I used super glue to attach the mask, and used the large binder clips to hold it overnight just to make sure it was good and stuck down.  We had discussed the headband behind the eye holes, but knew with it being in her hair, it wouldn't be that noticeable. 

Finally - the last step!  Attaching the feather accent!  Rhy took advantage of the curve of the feather and the curve of the eye hole to determine placement.  Again, super glue was used to attach.

The final result...

This was definitely a Create-A-Craft WIN.  This reminds me that you don't have to settle for what's in the store.  You can make something that you imagine.  You can make what to want to match a theme and a dress.  And, you can make it glow in the dark.  :-)


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