Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to my sister!

Today is the anniversary of the day my sister was born.  Mom was over on the east coast, Grama was there with her, and Dad was off in the Mediterranean in the Navy.

4 months old

gotta love a baby in a canning pot...

Tina looks very skeptical of your actions...  and check out how awesome Mom's hair is!
I'm glad my sister was born, because, you know, I love her and all.

watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.  (and check out all the amazing things on the shelves!)

She's (mostly) been a really good sister to have.  Probably the times she wasn't a good sister to have were the times that I wasn't getting my way, though.  Of course, and I readily admit this, sometimes I made it hard to be a good big sister to.  Like when she would have friends over and I would want to hang out with them and I would be very persistent trying to gain entry into her bedroom.  I even used sweet treats as a bribe, but to no avail...

But for the most part we get along really well, even though we are almost 6 years apart and for many siblings that enough to keep them from being close.

gotta love Marcos's photobomb in this one!
I think I was supposed to be a bum (you like my beard?),
and I was always jealous that Tina had gotten a store bought costume.
So today, my beautiful sister, my friend, I wish you a Happy Birthday!  Are you going to the Fair for your Birthday?

Love you!


  1. Nothing better than "canned baby"! Who wouldn't want to "preserve" that cuteness??? LOL That picture was taken the first time your mom brought Tina "home" to our house. I was 11 at the time and can still remember the excitement!! :)

    LOVE your mom's hair in that outdoor picture! I wanted to be just like her!

    And look at all those COOL cars lined up the street! Looks like an antique car show! LOL

    The glasses on Tina and Marcos in the graduation picture...oh *did* their noses ever hold up such huge, honkin' things???

  2. Mom - was that you giving Tina a bath in the canning pot?! Lol

    And yes, I do love Aunt Bev's hair in that pic!! I love looking at old pictures of my family and then seeing how beautiful everyone has become!!