Wednesday, October 3, 2012

9-27-12: Stoughton vs. Fort Atkinson

Last week the Vikings played against Fort Atkinson.  Unfortunately Jeff couldn't be there, so I didn't completely understand everything that happened.

Also unfortunately, Rhy didn't play *sad* but Stoughton did win *happy*.  Rhy was even jumping around on the sidelines because she was so happy with how the game was going, so that's a good thing - she was enjoying it.

Hopefully this week she will get some playing time.  You listening to me, Coach?

Luckily, I got a couple of in-focus pictures, which is something that I struggle with at night.

Unluckily, I just missed Eli with his arm around Rhy - which was sweet.  I need to find a good mix of watching the game and being in my camera...  Any advice, sports parents?

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