Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last Game of the Season: Stoughton vs. Monroe

Last Thursday was Rhy's last game of the season.  She was nervous/excited/sad all at the same time.  I was just *hoping* she would get to play.  She'd only played 3 plays all season.  It's the sophomore team, Coach - let them all play!

I was being wimpy and didn't go with Jeff for the beginning of the game because of the weather.  But when he started texting me with the scores, I knew I needed to take the camera and go see our girl play football.  The Vikings were up by 5 touchdowns!

Rhy got put in 3 or 4 different times!  And unfortunately my camera didn't do a very good job at capturing the awesomeness of it all...

So I obviously need some help...  Anyone have any advice on taking night-time action pictures?

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