Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Trekker D!

Seven years ago today I was trying to sleep off the previous night's Oktoberfest party, and I received a call that my sister was in labor!  Imagine my surprise since she was scheduled for a cesarean later that week!

I got in the car, got on the road, and by the time I made it to the hospital (almost three hour drive), the baby had been born and he had been named Trekker.
6 or 7 days old
This was not the only time the little guy decided to go against the plan.  He's been known to say to me, "I'm hungry.  Can I have a snack of candy."  I've also seen him respond to the answer "no" by using a stool & chair to climb up onto the counter to get at the snacks he wants.  Little stinker!

Larry once called in to a radio show with a woman who was giving the meaning of names.  Basically, "Trekker" means someone always on to move...
look at those blue eyes!
He's definitely the youngest child!  He wants what the older kids have - he's told his mom to just go and he'll stay home alone.  Ha!
Trekker didn't know what to think of me with my make-up and fake eye lashes.  He didn't even want to look at me in the van on the way to Jennifer's wedding!

As the story goes, when Trekker was getting his tux to be the "ring bear (rar!)" he said "I not gettin' married! I not dancin'!"  And then, what did that little boy do?  He totally danced his cute little butt off!  He was breakdancing, and he invented a new dance that we like to call The Penguin.  Wear a tux, bend slightly at the waist, keep your arms at your side, and just wiggle a bit.  That's The Penguin!

There is not a shortage of pictures of Trekker.  He is often asking his mom to take a picture of him.  She said that he gets a prop or two and gets his picture taken.  His mom is the prop in that one up there...

This little boy is growing up now.  He's in first grade!  Tina said that, unfortunately, he's pushing the boundaries and rules, but hopefully he'll start listening and being good again before we get too close to Christmas...

Happy Birthday Trekker!  I hope you have a good day on your birthday!  Love you kiddo!

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