Monday, November 19, 2012

HaHa for HooHas - so funny!

You have to read this woman's blog entry:

The Fart that (almost) Altered my Destiny

You have to admit you've been in an embarrassing fart situation too.  I know I have...

Before I met Jeff I was hanging out with this guy that I liked (cute!  funny! and he smelled good usually!*) a few times a month.  I had been eating a lot of veggies - broccoli mostly - and most of them were roasted.  Roasted in olive oil and garlic.

I looked great!  I was wearing my black dress, cute shoes, my pink jacket, good hair.  I was feeling really good about myself!  But then I was farting the entire drive to Madison!  Before I got to his place I pulled over and put the windows down to try to get rid of some of the smell.  Did I mention it was February?  In Wisconsin?  So I couldn't sit there very long with the windows down.  I was late and it was cold!

We took my car about 6 blocks away to the restaurant, and I know he smelled how bad the car smelled, but he didn't mention it.  I was so embarrassed.

And you know one of the ways that I knew Jeff was the one?  When that first fart leaked out in front of him, he wasn't grossed out and I wasn't embarrassed.  And he just farted on my foot 10 minutes ago.  We've been together 3+ years and married for 13 months.  I love that man, and the fact that I don't have to hide my farts...

*I should have known that guy wasn't the one.  I always thought to myself "I wonder if he likes me?  What does he think of that?  Should I do xyz differently?"  After I met Jeff and was able to be completely myself with him, I knew it was right, he was right, he was the one.  Don't change yourself for someone else.  Find the one you can be yourself with.

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