Friday, November 9, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday: 3rd Birthday

I think that was for my third birthday.  The curtains look vaguely familiar, or at least the material does...  Susana doesn't look excited enough for it to be hers, Tina's way to old, and look at me - fairly bursting at the seams!

I kind of remember getting shaped birthday cakes, and Tina has made them for her kids.  What I remember more are the candy toppers for my cakes.  Preston Ridley's mom down the road would use a page from a coloring book and make solid sugar pictures - I remember the Care Bears one she made one year.  I have no idea how it was done but it was awesome and delicious.

Now Rhy really likes to bake cupcakes and make them look pretty.  It's fun to help her, but she always has way more interesting ideas than I.  She made cupcakes for our new neighbors, and decided they should be neon colors, so she separated the batter into 4 bowls and colored them.  They were delicious!

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  1. OMG...three of my beautiful nieces! How adorable!