Friday, November 16, 2012

Vintage Photo Friday: Chores!

Picture it:  Illinois, 1979.  A house in the country.  Two cousins do the dishes at their Grama's house.

Or at least that's what I assume is going on here!  Only reason that I know this is Grama's house is because the cupboards are the same as another picture that I was told was in her kitchen.

So, let's take it all in.

Check out that amazing wallpaper!  What is that, watering cans?  Do I see some sort of juicer and a crockpot on the wallpaper too?  I can't wait until someone who actually knows can leave a comment and tell us!
The cupboards look to be metal, and for some reason I think I remember these being in our garage after the house was torn down.  Or is my memory just plain wrong?
What's so nice is that older cousin (my sister - her smile is just priceless! like "hey, I know you!") is helping her cousin (just 3 & 1/2 years old!) do the dishes.  How sweet!

I wish I could remember Grama's house.  I have faint recollections of it, and I often wonder if those are made up.  I'm pretty sure Mom had her sewing room there, and that would be where I had cut my leg with her pinking shears.  And I vaguely remember Mom telling me which bedroom had been hers.

I really need to get to Mom & Dad's house to scan some pictures that don't all include Tina...  Making her a photo book last year resulted in a bunch of old pictures of her!

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  1. That wallpaper was from WAAAYYYY before crockpots! LOL I don't remember exactly what was on it, but it was prob. teapots and cannisters. We moved in that house in 1969 and the wallpaper was OLD at that time! Those cupboards were metal.

    There used to be a wooden wall cupboard to the right of that metal one that ...but I pulled it off the wall one time in about 1970 when I tried pulling myself up onto the countertop by pulling on the doors of the cupboard. :( I ended up laying in a sea of broken dishes with the cupboard sitting on top of me. It earned me a trip to the ER. I still have the scar on my big toe where I got cut by a piece of glass.

    BTW...I think I was the photographer of this picture! :)