Monday, November 5, 2012

Who moved my cheese?!?! Why I've been MIA for over a week.

As much as I would like to think that I do a very good job of thinking outside the bun, sometimes I have a week that reminds me that, yes, I am human, which means that I, too, fear change.

There are certain things that I always do the same way.  Once the underpants got put on the left side of the drawer, that is where they will always live, and if they accidentally get put on the right, I will move them back.  I must pee last thing before going to bed; otherwise, I'm up and out of bed to go, no matter if I have to or not.  And once I get a pile started at work, you best not touch it, because I know just where it it and what's in it, and touching it makes my eye twitch.

So imagine when I got kicked out of my office for 3 days*.  During a week when my hours were all messed up anyway.  Because I had to go and do events at each facility and be nice to people at them.  Three things all grating my nerves, just waiting for me to fall apart.  It was all I could do to not go all velociraptor on everyone I came in contact with.

It was not a good week.

And you would not have wanted to read anything that I might have written, if I'd had 2 brain cells to rub together in order to create a thought to put on "paper".  It probably would have contained the word *stupid* a few hundred times describing a few dozen different things.  It was, really, the adjective of the week.

On top of that, after 9 hours of discomfort a day, I was impossible to live with.  So the fact that my Jeff & Rhy still live in the same house as me is really pretty freaking awesome.  Sorry!  Love you!

Regardless of the fact that I almost imploded from annoyances, there has been stuff happening.  Stuff that, now that I have regained my brain - and my sanity, I just might find the ability to share with you.  In a humorous, witty, or interesting way.  Because at times I really do think I am those things. 

please don't burst my bubble

So, soon to come:
  • Photomosaic puzzles - not the best idea ever
  • My pantry!
  • Pumpkin pie made with *gasp!* real pumpkin
  • And, I promise, a Vintage Photo this Friday.  For real.

*I have decided to spare you the details, since I probably would get all pissy if I wrote it all down, and no one wants that, really.  Suffice it to say it involved construction and a laptop missing essential work-related software.  And an HVAC guy who didn't get the whole "You moved my cheese" reference.  Amateurs...

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