Saturday, November 16, 2013

11 Random Things About Me

5:00 AM.

I was awake at 5:00 AM.  Maybe it's because I went to bed before 7 last night.  Which was probably smart because
a.)  I was tired, and
2.)  I was sick.

I missed a day and a half of work because I was sick.  Sure, I could have stuck it out Wednesday afternoon, and when I was too sick on Thursday to go to work, I wished I had, but, alas, a day and a half it was.  Plus when I'm sick I get really dumb.  Ditsy, really.  My brain can't freaking comprehend a question sometimes when I'm sick.
Upper respiratory, I believe.  Other than a soar throat and ears that hurt (but are apparently beautiful, according to the nurse at work), all is now well.

So, since I was up at 5AM, and awake, and I knew that if I wanted one later I could nap, so I just plain got up.  Showered.  Started laundry.  And then I decided to write to you fine folks.  Yes, you are lucky.  :-)

I started following a blog by a woman who lives in the middle of nowhere, Alaska.  It's called The Cunningham family in bush Alaska.  The other day she posted "11 random facts about me."  And I thought I would give it a try.  After all, my profile when Jeff & I met was "10 random things about me."  So, you know, can't be all bad.

11 Random Facts About Me

1.)  If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend in one store of your choice, where would you chose?

Target, even though they don't have a good clothing section for plus size.  I figure I could buy EVERYTHING else there, and so I would have money for clothes shopping elsewhere, right?  Before Rhyanne went to Germany, we went to Target to get a few pieces of clothing to fill in the gaps, some tank tops, some layering pieces, a pretty yet comfortable dress.  I'm happy to say I've seen her wear many of these since she's been back.  And we may have gone overboard, spending $300 that day, so yeah, an unlimited amount of money to spend at Target would be lovely.

2.)  What's your favorite place to eat out?

This is a hard one.  I want to say Pedro's, since that's where Jeff & I had our first date, but it's so run down and in the biggest need of a deep clean, I just don't want to go there.  So, how about this instead:
a.)  Date Night:  Probably the Melting Pot.
b.)  Family Sit-Down:  Cracker Barrel or Olive Garden
c.)  Fast & Easy Lunch:  Culvers or Arby's

3.)  When not blogging, what do you do for fun?

I love love love spending time with Jeff.  Just doing nothing special like watching TV or cooking with him, just being near him is my favorite.  The other thing I like to do, surprise surprise, it crafty stuff.  I don't have a good place for crafting since having a crafting table/station set up would greatly diminish our living space, so I don't do it at much as I want, but I really enjoy being creative.  I wish it was something I could make a living at.

4.)  Favorite PRINT magazine?

The only place I read magazines is at the doctor's office I always hope they have an issue of Reader's Digest.

5.)  Your life is going to become the script for a movie.  Who would you want to play you?

Either Lauren Graham or Melissa McCarthy.  Can you guess that one of my all-time favorite TV shows was Gilmore Girls?

6.)  Coffee or Tea?

Neither.  I would prefer water over either of those.  In fact, I order water at restaurants almost all the time.

7.)  Book or Movie?

Depends on what I have time for or in the mood for.  I really prefer romantic comedies, and I think those are best as movies.  And I really don't like to read after I've watched, or vice versa.  I have a tendency to be nit-picky about what it's spot-on.
BUT, I must tell you, the Hunger Games book trilogy is AMAZING!  I hadn't really heard about the books until the 3 of us went to see the movie, which I LOVED!  Then about a year later, I read the book, which I LOVED!  However, shortly after I read the book (the first book, it goes with the first movie), we watched the movie.  Hated it.  The book was so much more explanatory.  I knew what Katniss was thinking, instead of just what she was doing.  I've since read the whole trilogy (I really couldn't put it down), and don't know if I should see the rest of the movies as they come out or not.

8.)  Camping or luxury hotel?

Oh, please.  Hotel.  All the way.  I will not camp.  Jeff, are you reading this?  Seriously, why would people go to all the trouble of packing stuff up to go out into the wilderness where bugs and snakes and spiders live so they can sleep on the ground?  Sounds like a lot of work to be miserable.
Doesn't help that my only camp experience when I was a kid was horrible...  But that's another story for another time.

9.)  What's the worst gift you've ever received?

The summer between Junior & Senior year of high school I worked in the kitchen at the local Jellystone campground.  We worked Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights and Sunday morning; they served buffet dinner on Friday and Saturday and buffet breakfast on Sunday.  The job actually started a couple of weeks before the end of school.  Mom always said that my job was school, so other than babysitting, it's the only time in high school that I worked during the school year.  So when Finals came around, I had to tell my boss that I couldn't work that Thursday because I had to study for finals.
Then the campground had Christmas in July.  And each department picked names for Secret Santa and gave gifts.  Guess who picked my name?  My boss.  She went to the dollar store, the first one we ever had in the area in the mall, and bought things like a ruler/calculator combo.  I think Dad ended up using that in his workshop.  Nothing like using Christmas in July to teach someone a lesson...

10.)  If you could eat only one thing the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would have to say pizza.  I really don't get sick of pizza.  I like plain cheese, goat cheese & veggies, Hawaiian, Fetalicious, pepperoni, even Jeff's supreme pizza, sometimes.  Oh, and breakfast pizza!  Tina & Larry make a really good breakfast pizza...

11.)  What smell do you like the best?

I don't think I have an answer for this.  But it would probably be some sort of food.  :-)

Stay tuned for the second half of this, the "Specific Questions"...

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