Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our 2 1/2 weeks with Anna...

Wow, it was two weeks ago that we took Anna to the airport.  Amazing to think that she's been gone almost as long as she was here.

I think that we had about the best exchange student experience that you could have.  Rhyanne already knew Anna because she spent a couple weeks with her this summer in Germany.  They knew that they got along.  She was only here for two and a half weeks, so not really long enough to get sick of being here, or of each other, etc etc etc.

I really can't believe how busy the girls were while she was here.  Football games.  Welcome party.  Bonfires.  Sleepovers.  Dinners.  Birthday party.  Shopping.  Trip to Mall of America.  Farewell dinner.  Seems like the girls really weren't home that much, they had so many things to do!

If I had it to do all over again, I would.  It was great.  And I hope the girls get to see each other again.

I think the cutest thing was when it was time for the Germans to go upstairs to security at the airport.  Rhyanne went upstairs with Anna.  She just wasn't quite ready to let go.

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