Monday, November 18, 2013

Crepe Flower Boutonnieres

This is the story of how the boutonnieres for our wedding came to be...

Not too long before the wedding, maybe one month or so, I had not yet figured out what I was going to do for corsages or boutonnieres.  There were so many ideas, but all the research and trying out I had done had not led me to anything workable.  And I was starting to freak out about it.

As I spent hours upon hours of making flowers for the wedding, 

I suddenly realized that was the answer.  Make flowers.  I was using organza, or dressing lining in most cases, to make those flowers.  But I also had some thin crepe in off-white.  So I set to cutting circles.  And when it melted, it didn't crinkle so much as slightly bend.  Which mean the flower I was making a feeling of more classy, less crafty.  Perfect!

Once I put all the flowers together, I needed a center.  For the women, that was easy.  I had learned of the joy of shopping in the jewelry-making aisles of craft stores.  I was able to pick up jewelry pieces that I knew either fit the personality or the clothing choice of the woman it was for.

But for the men?  Jewelry?  Not so much.

As Tina and I were at JoAnn's, waiting at the cutting counter, there were sale-priced buttons on the counter.  And they had anchors on them!  Perfect, I said!  Dad had been in the Navy!  So I was off to the button aisle to find something for the other two boutonnieres I was making.  Finally!  The centers for the bouts were bought!
Dad's boutonniere 

So, here's how they were assembled:
(all by hand, no machine sewing b/c I don't own a machine.  yeah, you can tell that these are not done by a master craftsman.)

I hand-sewed the flower layers together, not including the top, as well as the leaf.  Then, I cut a hole in the center for the button post to go through.  If I'd been brave, I would have cut the button hole of Jeff's suit open and added a button to the back of this.  But, I just couldn't do it.  I just couldn't take that pair of scissors to his lapel.  

The button needed to be held on though, so I pushed the stem of the feather through, added the floral tape, and hand-stitched it on.

The leaves were green dress lining.  I cut them into leaf shape, used a good ol' candle to melt the edges, and then melted a little of the inside like the stem on real leaves.

I was so happy with the results.

I added a picture of Jeff's Dad to his boutonniere, so he was there with him on that day.
Kiaj pinned it onto Jeff's lapel.

so nice, if I do say so myself.

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