Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 1 of my Stay-cation

Ever since I decided to take this week off, I have so been looking forward to it!  We have been so busy at work since about October, getting to take a week to slow down and do stuff at home is like a dream!

I originally made the decision to take a week off when Jeff said that our printer was obsolete - you can't buy ink or anything for it anymore.  Well, printer might be the wrong word.  It prints, copies, and scans.  And, get this, it scans slides!

I have had boxes and boxes of slides under my bed for a few years now.  I got them from Mom when I was making Tina's 40th birthday book.  When we were kids, it was entertainment to have a slide show.  Dad would get out the slide projector, and (depending on where we lived) Mom would either pull down the shade or put up a white sheet and we would look at slides.  I can hear that noise of the slides changing and it makes me happy.

Since we knew we wouldn't be able to purchase any more ink, and it was shortly before Thanksgiving, Jeff started looking for new printers.  The printers these days, however, don't scan slides or negatives.  From what we found, we would have to purchase a scanner separately if we wanted that feature.  So, while it does scan documents and photos, our new printer does not scan slides or negatives.

Which brings me to this week.  I new that our busy season at work would be over in January.  So I found a good week (no payroll, not at the end of the month, etc.) and Colleen approved a whole week of vacation!

I have a lot of things planned for this week.
Blog!  doing that right now...
Scan slides!  This is a must!  We have two printers on our computer tables right now; not okay.  The old one can go away once I finish this project.
Hair cut!  That's today at 9...
Better organize the computer room so I can use the treadmill!  This is a project today.  I have decided I will use the treadmill every day this week so that the habit is started and I can continue it past my stay-cation.
Use the treadmill!  See above...
Make breakfast, lunch, & dinner!  I am going to try PB&J oatmeal this morning.  I will report back this week.  Also, we purchased a turkey breast that I will be crock-potting.  And I want to actually make dinner every night this week.
Take donations to St. Vinny's!  Both Jeff & Rhyanne have done a wonderful job of thinning out their wardrobes, so we have a few bags of clothes to donate.  Yep, I need to go through my stuff too...
Craft!  I hate that craft is on the bottom of the list, but I know that for me, for this particular week of my life, it's least important.   I will feel very accomplished this week even if I don't have any time to craft.  That's because with all the other things done, I will have more time in future weeks to craft.

And since this is not a do-nothing stay-cation, please feel free to check in on me to make sure that I'm progressing on my list of to-do's!  I'll check in with you tomorrow...

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  1. I know it's too late for this suggestion now, but have you ever tried buying the ink and refilling the cartridges yourself??? I've done that with many a printer once they were out of warranty! :)